Dynamic, Exciting, Real – Albany Irvin

Albany Irvin was born in Louisiana; but raised all over the country by her Mom and Dad (aka Scarlett O’Hara and the Colonel). Being an Air Force “brat” gave her the opportunity to attend 15 schools growing up, which she perceived as a social adventure! She absolutely loved getting to know people from all different backgrounds and cultures. She considers herself a “Professional New Girl”

Since 1995, Albany has had the privilege of assisting companies across North America and Europe to develop, brand, and launch B2B and B2C products. Her educational background in Chemistry and Biology, along with a career path specializing in consumer electronics, made her extremely adept at delivering highly technical information and translating it into easily understandable messaging. Her ability to communicate and connect with people at all levels also opened many doors for Sales Training, Media Training, and Executive Coaching within these companies. Her dynamic presence and engaging demeanor kept her clients returning year after year.

In 2009, Albany uprooted her California family and headed East to Philadelphia to join the QVC team. At QVC she found that her multi-faceted upbringing, along with her extensive travels as an adult made for the perfect marriage in becoming a full time On-Air Show Host. Albany’s unquenchable thirst for learning new things made her the go-to Electronics and HighTech Beauty host in the ever-changing retail landscape. She loves when the “light bulb” moment occurs and the viewers feel empowered to make decisions that fit their lifestyle. A fitness instructor since 1992, Albany loves chatting about Wellness, Zumba, and Clean Cooking. And if you watch closely, you’ll see the “Southern Belle” in her emerge when she’s on with Fashion, Jewelry, and Beauty shows. Her love for all things Glamourous was showcased as she attended and hosted live broadcasts at NY Fashion Week season after season.

In addition to her on air responsibilities, Albany was an inaugural member of the QVC sprouts program for budding inventors and entrepreneurs. She sat on product panels, spoke at industry events, promoted media awareness (broadcast, radio, and print), and mentored inventors.

In December of 2016, Albany resigned from QVC to spend more time with her family and ponder the next chapter in her life. In 2017, she decided to start her own company developing, branding, and launching products. Her zeal for bringing together people and ideas has her traveling across the globe pursuing her passion.

She will tell you her “Superpower” is Adaptability since her entire life has been filled with change, and the opportunity for meeting new people and learning new things. Her ubiquitous excitement, love of people, and every day celebration of life are contagious. Her desire to be transparent in her own life and “keep it real,” attitude make her a trusted resource. She has the keen ability to meet people exactly where they are in life and join in with them in conversation.